Halifax Dump and Run 2016
Donation Pick Up Form
The Halifax Dump and Run is scheduling pick-ups from people in the community. These pick-ups will be done on the 29th and 30th of April. Please fill out the form so that we can schedule a pick-up that best works for everyone.
What is your name? *

On the day of the pick-up what phone number can we use to contact you? *

What is the address for pick-up? *

Can you give us a rough idea of the items you would like to donate? *

This is just so that we can estimate if there will be enough space in our moving truck when we come to pick up items from you. **Please note that we are unable to take mattresses or soft-covered furniture due to a risk of bed bugs.
What pick-up day do you prefer? *

* Note: Friday is now completely booked. Only Saturday is available 1-4pm.

What pick-up time do you prefer? *

Thank you for filling out our form. We really appreciate you donating items to our event!

We will be emailing you an estimated time once we have scheduled the pick ups. If you have any questions or concerns please mention them below.

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